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Hello and welcome. This website is full of basic information about getting an rc helicopter, also called remote control helicopter or radio controlled helis. Look at the reviews, photos and buying recommendations to help you choose and buy the best model for your skill level.

RC Helicopter Online Guide

For beginners and young kids, the best would be to buy a rtf rc helicopter. RTF means ready to fly, where everything you need to get started is included in the kit. And with some good and cheap rtf helicopters costing less than $70, these are cheap yet fun toys and gifts.

You can also have lots of fun with an electric rc helicopter. These are powered by small electric motors and rechargeable battery packs. There are scale models for beginners as well as experienced modelers.

If you are looking for realism, the best choice would be to buy an rc gas helicopter powered by small  (.30, .50, .60 size) fuel burning engines. The sound and smell of nitro fuel in the air makes these models so realistic.

For indoor flight, the best would be to buy a mini rc helicopter, also referred to as a micro rc helicopter. These micro scale models are the size of your hand and can hover indoors!

To learn more about the hobby, the remote control helicopter guide is full of tips and information about choosing, buying and flying remote controlled helicopters.

And finally, the where to buy rc helicopters shows you the best places where you can find great deals when buying your first rc heli kit, parts and accessories.

Start hovering!

P.S. If you're a shopper, visit the RC Hobby Stores page for a list of some of the best and most popular online hobby shops where you can find great deals, discounts and clearance sales.

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